If you are fortunate enough to be in Beijing this week for Oracle Openworld, there are several sessions planned on MySQL to choose from. The English site is somewhat hard to navigate, so I humbly submit a tiny URL that will point you to the appropriate session search results.

DSC_0032Few act from pure motives, and I’m shamelessly plugging my own talks: Improving the Scalability of Web Applications with MySQL Replication, Performance and Scalability Enhancements in MySQL Release 5.5, and MySQL Strategy: What’s Next? (that last I’m merely technical backup for Richard Mason).

There are several other outstanding talks on MySQL migrations, tuning and Cluster as well, and of course an amazing amount of technical talent in one building. It doesn’t hurt to be walking distance from the Water Cube (now a public pool, hoping to get in a swim there) and the Bird’s Nest.

If you do find yourself at OOW Beijing, be sure to visit the MySQL pod as well in the exhibitor area. It’s not always a cakewalk manning a booth.