I’ve been running OpenSuse for a while now, and there are some genuinely annoying things about it:

‘Defaults targetpw’ (e.g. require root’s password to do anything as root) is not a good idea. Having the installer recommend I make my password also be root’s password compounds the stupidity.

So sudo is already backwards, now I also have to remember what is in /sbin/ or /usr/sbin/ because they’re not in my path? Regular users don’t use ifconfig?

Ok, so I should have reconfigured both of these things (edited one file to change each) on day one and gotten these complaints out of the way. But I have this idea that you should try the spirit of a distro (after all, what else is there?). I do have bigger gripes, namely:

I don’t have it. /proc/ doesn’t have what I’m looking for. Wtf?

I’ve been to the mountaintop. I’ve seen aptitude. I’ve abandoned fedora more than once in mire of dependencies and conflicting repositories. No, it hasn’t happened yet here, but I’m still wary.
Yet Suse is just So Stable. Somehow it is able to just do what I need it to when I need it to, and the packages are updated just often enough. I ditched Hardy, after all, for the lack of crucial features on my T61, and Suse was able to deliver all of them.
And it still does have Just Enough. I’m worried by what will happen when I really need to work to get something to work (for the reasons listed above)… but I haven’t yet.

Thanks Suse.