I’m off to do some MySQL training in Asia for the rest of the month. One week in Singapore, one week (and the weekend) in Bangalore.

Correction, Asia and the Emerging Markets. Apparently thanks to phenomenal growth, China and India have left Asia in the last few years (in our corporate parlance).

Always good to check flight status before you head to the airport, even (especially?) at 7am when you just checked 6 hours before. I now have 5 extra hours in beautiful John F Kennedy Airport, terminal 7. I haven’t seen the new JetBlue terminal, but this one almost makes JFK feel like a major international airport.

Cathay Pacific seems a fine airline, though perhaps technically challenged. The self-service kiosks were all down, and my plane is somewhere between here & Canada… but they gave me $25 to get breakfast & lunch plus a calling card while I wait! If the promise of "outlets for everyone" is true, I’ll give them a full thumbs-up.